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Shuri Atomi "Teacher, your dick is getting hard"
scene #
1. Shuri's Tease

11 min & 91 photos Released on 2017-08-01
Shuri teases with upskirts and shows off her panties all around campus.
2. Shuri Bullies in the Library

20 min & 73 photos Released on 2017-08-04
One classmate sneaks looks at Shuri's legs and so she decides to punish him for it. She makes him lick her shoes, suck her feet, and makes him cum with her feet and hands.
3. Shuri Bullies in the Classroom

13 min & 45 photos Released on 2017-08-11
Shuri notices one guy in her class who always stays after trying to hide his boner. She knows about it and decides to mess with him. She pretends to offer to take his virginity if he strokes in front of her in the classroom. Hesitantly he complies but she wants to play with him more. She teases his cock with her mouth not letting him cum. But he accidentally does and she makes him swallow his own cum and takes a picture of it to bully him later.
4. Shuri Bullies in the Locker Room

11 min & 60 photos Released on 2017-08-18
Shuri goes into the boys locker room to get revenge on one classmate who was talking behind her back. She shoves him down and sits on his face until he turns red. He gets hard anyway so she makes cum but keeps stroking him until she also gets off.
5. Shuri Bullies Her Teacher Too
[sex] [teacher]

30 min & 179 photos Released on 2017-08-25
Shuri gets called into the teachers office to get reprimanded for bullying the boys at her school. When he threatens to tell her parents she tells him a story about how the boys started it by locking her up in the storage and having their way with her body. But as she tells it the teacher gets a boner and she notices. She threatens to tell everyone unless he does everything she says. After teasing him she makes him fuck her. She threatens to tell everyone he made her do it if he tells her parents.


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